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Tenacious Bonding

Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane provides a tenacious bond to a variety of concrete substrates, preventing lateral water migration in applications such as vegetated roof systems. Composed of elastomeric modified polyurethane, the CCW-525 membrane can be used on above- and below-grade vertical and horizontal applications.

Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing.

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Non-Corrosive Closers

Door closer line designed for severe climate or corrosive conditions, like seashore or swimming pool areas, features a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy body with high-compression steel springs, hardened racks, and stainless steel parts. Optional stainless steel and plastic covers for the STA series offer additional protection from the elements.

Dorma Architectural Hardware.

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Leaks No More

After years of enduring leaks and failed patchings with its 20-year-old asphalt shingle roof, Deltona (Fla.) Elementary School commissioned roof consultant Arthur Sark of Rogers and Sark Consulting to replace the roof. Sark specified a metal roof system applied over the existing 110,000-sf roof. The system consists of double-lock standing-seam metal panels over a 40-mil waterproof membrane, ½-inch DensDeck DuraGuard roof board, and 3-inch polyisocyanurate board, fastened through the existing roof system into the metal deck.


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Hurricane-Tested Doors

Door series has been designed and tested to meet Florida's codes for hurricane resistance. Available in a variety of configurations, H-Series doors are structurally reinforced, accommodate heavy-weight hinges, and are manufactured with A60 galvannealed steel to withstand harsh coastal weather conditions.


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Cool Roof Coating

Siliconized polyester metal roof coating available in 20 colors meets EPA Energy Star's requirements for "cool" roofs: 65% solar reflectance for low-slope roofs, 25% for steep-slope roofs. Superl SP II Ultra-Cool also features easy application and good weatherability properties, according to the manufacturer.


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