Lighting & Controls

Dim the lights

Fluorescent dimming ballasts are available in two-ft. (24 watt) and three-ft. (39 watt) models. Hi-lume and Eco-10 ballasts offer 100% to 1% light for spaces where critical visual tasks are performed, including training rooms, control rooms, CAD, and financial transaction areas. T5-HO ballasts have matched dimming curves, so multiple ballasts can be combined on the same circuit.


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Energy savvy

Energy-saving system reduces lighting circuit power, enabling commercial, industrial, retail, and institutional users to control, monitor, and verify facility energy use and to adjust and reconfigure systems settings and light levels, via the Internet, from anywhere in the world. Ultrawatt says the PowerGate system reduces energy use and operational costs by up to 50%, with minimal reduction in light levels.


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Auto goes retro

Borg-Warner Automotive's Arden, N.C., plant wanted to replace the lighting in its 320,000-sq.-ft. facility. In two open office areas, outdated fluorescent T-12 lamps caused such glare on computer screens that employees were resorting to Dilbert-like measures to block the lighting. The lamps were replaced with 24-ft. suspended fixtures providing indirect lighting. With the steel Peerlite fixtures, work surface illumination went from an average of 25-ft. candles to 105-ft. candles, while glare was reduced to zero.

Lithonia Lighting.

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On stage

Wall-washer lighting for track lighting systems has barn doors that reduce glare, while producing a high light level over a large area, says the maker. Quartz Halogen Wall Washer has a polished aluminum reflector to deliver even light distribution, while maximizing light output.

W.A.C. Lighting Co.

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Rounding the light

Wall sconces with hand-painted specialty finishes are best for corporate or government offices, hospitality and retail interiors, casinos, and healthcare applications. Offered in a choice of 12-, 14-, and 18-in. housing widths, with dome depths of 6, 7, and 9 in., respectively.


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Controlled spotlight

Multi-point dimming and scene control system reduces the number of components needed to control a network of lighting. The D3200 Controller/Dimmers feature an on-screen wizard to guide users through each step of programming and operation. The self-contained dimmer unit offers eight convenient scene buttons for a total of 32 scenes and accesses to a maximum of 186 zones.


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Dribble and shoot

The Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to do their pre-game player introduction at the Target Center in Minneapolis in the dark, but the National Basketball Association doesn't allow stadium lights to be turned off unless they return to full strength immediately. The sports facility chose the Eclipse drowser for their HID fixtures. Each of the Center's lights is equipped with 264 5K Eclipse units so that they don't fade, but instead snap on and off.

Wybron Inc.

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Lighting control

Firebox control for light commercial applications, including assisted living, hospitality, and multi-family housing, has a high light output and a fire rating of one hour or less. Pro-Optic Firebox is a compact fluorescent recessed light fixture with a photometrically contoured reflector, providing 40% more light than other flat top reflectors, according to the manufacturer.

Progress Lighting.

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Control the sun

Daylighting control system for continuous dimming adjusts light levels automatically, based on incoming sunlight. For use in classrooms, offices, and conference rooms, the LCD Dimming Control System has local manual on/off and dimming control at the switch. The system can hold up to three control zones from one photocell and can be used with 0-10V dimming ballasts.

The Watt Stopper.

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High wattage

Metal halide lamp has a "bulgy" arc-tube design that the maker says provides better color consistency, higher efficacy, improved reliability, and performance. The Metalarc Ceramic 250W lamp has a CRI over 90 for high-wattage HID applications. For use in retail stores, malls, lobbies, office areas, landscape and accent lighting, and studio lighting.

Osram Sylvania.

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Flooding the room

Metal halide flood lighting is suitable for industrial parks, office buildings, sports and shopping complexes, schools, hospitals, and public buildings. GeoFlood lighting series is available in lamp configurations from 2x26 watts to 3x42 watts. Comes in six designer finishes. ExceLine states the is made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and resists corrosion because it is painted with a special polyester powder coating.


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Senior living lighting

Arlington Nursing Home in Newark, Ohio, wanted to make the 25-year-old facility more inviting and cheerful for residents. Energy management consultant National Energy Services proposed replacing all existing 40-watt fluorescent lamps and ballasts with Watt Miser lamps and ULTRA ballasts. Energy use was reduced by an estimated 25% and offered better color rendering, according to an analysis by the manufacturer.

GE Lighting.

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Low power, big light

Low-profile electronic ballast can be used for pendant mount and other specialty lighting applications because of its small size. Operates at less than 10% total harmonic distortion. Plug-in lead connections for installation. Triad T8 ballast comes in two model types that cover up to four lamp applications.

Universal Lighting.

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Look down

Four-inch modular downlighting accent rims for recessed ceiling lights have a metallic silver chip and fade-resistant powder coat finish. Alum Fourmations are best in retail and hospitality venues, healthcare environments, public and private office spaces, and museums and galleries.


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Color coded

Linear semi-indirect fluorescent lighting system is outfitted with T5 High Output lamps and features four optical colored lens inserts and two styles of perforated inserts for commercial and hospitality applications. Available with a round or square perforated lens in a white opal, blue haze, grasshopper, or absolute orange colored lens.

Cooper Lighting.

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Grid lighting

Recessed and indirect basket lighting features air return in 2x2 and 2x4 sq. ft. sizes as well as multiple lamp options ranging from linear T8 and T5 lamps to twin tube T5 lamps. Coffaire incorporates a one-piece perforated lamp shield with a white acrylic overlay in a contoured body. Fits in both Grid and Slot Grid T ceiling systems.


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Back to the fixture

Lighting fixture with a "retro" flair for hospitality interiors and exteriors uses a painted coating that simulates a galvanized finish. The Facets fixture is available in five shades plus black and white; custom color matching on request.


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Reflection of light

Adjustable dual-reflector high-bay lighting system provides increased light output while reducing energy consumption, says manufacturer. The DRS System has inner and outer reflectors that adjust independently of one another, allowing the light output to be customized for the application. Best for retail stores, showrooms, sports arenas, and convention centers.

Stingray Lighting.

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Reaching the heights

Outdoor lighting fixture with tapered steel poles made of hot-rolled, commercial-quality steel achieves minimum-yield strength of 55,000 psi. The pole includes a hand-held grounding lug, base plate, and cover.

Rudd Lighting.

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Light stream

Ceramic metal halide lamp offers a 10,000-hour lamp life. The MH-T6 reflector and lens provides highly controlled distribution, according to the maker. The downlight is offered in a 6-in. aperture for 39- and 70-watt lamps, or in a 7-in. aperture for 70- or 150- watt lamps. Recommended for retail applications, atria, and other spaces with high ceilings, where energy efficiency is required.

Zumtobel Staff Lighting Inc.

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