Glass & Glazing

See-through block

Translucent float glass has a frosted appearance that allows for privacy without sacrificing light transmittance. According to its maker, it achieves 85% light transmittance while diffusing rays, due to a proprietary processing technology used in its development. Available in 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm thicknesses. It can be handled, cut, insulated, laminated, and tempered using standard float glass techniques.


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Outerspace glass

Insulating glass spacer system uses a breakthrough technology to create a tubular design, incorporating a proprietary molding process to manufacture a flexible glass, says the manufacturer. Insuledge features a non-metal, corrugated tube, which is good for thermal performance The tube's hollow core replaces conductive solid or foam materials with better insulating air space. Its manufacturer says INsuledge provides 50% less conductivity than competitive products.

TruSeal Technologies.

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A glazing spectacle

The American Airlines terminal at Los Angeles International Airport was decorated with architectural glass designed by Colopro and architect Susan Narduli. Entitled, "The Wonders of Heavens and Flying," the work includes an inlayed glass floor, illuminated from underneath; 31 hanging, frameless glass panels; and 36 large glass panels that have been bent and laminated with a dot matrix custom-design to obscure views of neighboring buildings.

Glaspro Inc.

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Go team go!

Now sports fans can watch the University of Tennessee football games at Neyland Stadium with a clear view, from 78 new luxury skyboxes, thanks to an anti-reflective glass. Amiran glass is in the front viewing window of each box as well as in glass wall dividers. This gives spectators a clear view of all the action on the field, even when play isn't directly in front of the box. More than 15,000 sq. ft. of laminated Amiran with polished edges was installed at the stadium. It is available in sheets up to 70 ft. by 147 ft.


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Glass on the web

The National Glass Association (NGA) has redesigned and enhanced its Web site, It now offers users a fast and easy way to stay updated on the glass industry, from the latest industry news and technical support to online registering and purchasing of NGA's programs, products, and services.


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Preserving history

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum fitted its windows with film that reduces sun glare in order to preserve irreplaceable historic exhibition pieces. The N-1050 Neutral Window Film blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light that would have seeped into the windows to fade the exhibits, and reduced the visible light was by 52%.

Llumar Magnum.

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Warm up

Insulating glass spacer provides reduced edge-zone heat transfer by up to 50% because it reduces thermal conductivity, says the manufacturer. The maker also says that Warm Edge insulating glass has been shown to reduce energy costs and the likelihood of condensation and mold formation, in addition to lessening cold air drafts and enhancing occupant comfort.

Virginia Glass Products Corp.

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Fire wall

Clear and wireless fire-rated glazing is made of transparent ceramic, for a high heat tolerance. The FireLite family of glass carries fire ratings up to 3 hours and offers high impact safety ratings where required. FireLite is also available in insulated units for exterior applications and fits in narrow profile and standard fire-rated framing. It is available in sizes up to 3,325 sq. in.

Technical Glass Products.

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High peak

At an altitude of 5,250 feet above sea level, the city of Denver is subjected to extreme weather conditions. Solar control window film was therefore applied to windows of city-owned buildings. The Ambiance VE35 Low-E Film is expected to pay for itself through energy savings in four years, with an annual savings of $41,250 or about 33 cents per sq. ft., says Denver's Director of Utilities, Dr. Daryl Winer. More than 125,000 square feet of film has been installed in 60 city and county buildings.


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Sun block

Solar reflective glass block has a metal oxide coating that controls the passage of sunlight, creating a more comfortable environment for commercial and institutional buildings. Each block is individually coated, reducing heat gain, and making the product best for use in the South and West, where the sun's intensity is greatest.

Pittsburgh Corning.

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Let the light in

Solar-control, low-emmissivity glass takes on a satin reflective appearance in bright sunlight, and a transparent steel jade look when shaded from the sun, providing solar control performance and the transmission of large amounts of visible light when needed. This is why architect Dennis Mitchell Architecture, Portland, chose to specify Solarban 80 for its River Park Plaza in Portland, Ore. The insulating units used on River Park Plaza block about 80% of the sun's total energy for comfortable interiors without high reliance on artificial cooling systems. Its visible light transmittance is about 47% to allow cost-effective use of natural daylight, according to the manufacturer.

PPG Industries Inc.

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