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2.1% annual increase seen for window and door demand

The demand for doors and windows in the United States is expected to grow 2.1 percent annually, reaching $24.6 billion in 2005, according to a study conducted by The Freedonia Group, an industry and corporate research and analysis company.

The report, issued in August 2001, covers more than 135 privately-held U.S. producers of windows and doors, and examines the role of privately-held companies within the industry.

Seven of the private U.S. manufacturers surveyed report door and window sales of more than $300 million in 2000, two of which reported over $1.5 billion. Six of these seven supply wood products, reflecting wood's higher costs, according to Freedonia.

But, the largest companies aren't the only ones in the game. Smaller, private manufacturers said they are able to compete with larger firms by serving smaller, regional markets and or specializing in products like garage doors and window and door components.

The report also presents market share data, reviews acquisition trends, lists companies by product and location and forecasts industry demand. For more information, visit

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Ready to roll

Rolling service fire doors store in a compact coil at the head of the opening. They are built to order to fit doorway dimensions and can be customized to meet insulation, sound, smoke, corrosion and high cycle requirements. The doors automatically close in the event of a fire to minimize the spread of flames.


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Head of the class

As part of the historic renovation of Hawkins Hall, at State University of New York College in Plattsburgh, aging windows were replaced with HR175 windows. To meet the building's National Park Service requirements, these custom-made windows were used because of their heavier bottom rail. The windows were made to replicate the originals. Pic 1

Weather Shield.

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Fresh view

The Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts of Atlanta, Ga. updated its appearance by installing 2,505 new TR-9100 and TR-7100 windows on its four-building campus. The new tube mullions were custom-designed to match the original windows. Some of the buildings feature 18-ft. ceilings with window openings offering a view of the Atlanta skyline. Pic 2


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Retire in style

Buildings at Lasell Village Educational Later Life Care Community in Newton, Mass. feature more than 1,800 windows and patio doors in its 13-acre continuing care retirement community (CCRC). The center used large glass areas in the residences to maximize the therapeutic effect of sunlight on the elderly residents. Pic 3

Andersen Windows Inc.

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Hospital hype

Nashville's 386,000-sq.-ft. Skyline Medical Center is equipped with patient-safe, wheelchair-accessible and operational windows that provide natural light, fresh air and a comfortable, clean hospital environment. The 3250V Series Visuline windows also have been used in more than a dozen other U.S. hospital projects. They have a 31/4-in. frame depth with polyurethane thermal barrier and equal sightlines at fixed lite and vent combinations. Pic 4


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Agreeable appearance

The Façade Vent window creates a sleek, streamlined appearance by attaching to an operable window behind its single exterior frame. It has narrow equal fixed and operable sightlines, which are uniform in all directions. Structural silicone glazing allows for the use of fewer, narrow aluminum extrusion profiles, and the perimeter framing accepts fixed glazing and operable vents without inserts or overlaps. It also provides additional thermal barrier. Pic 5

Moduline Windows Systems.

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Beneficial extensions

Jamb extensions that are applied to windows during their manufacture eliminate the need for the field application of drywall returns or wood returns. They significantly reduce material costs and interior finishing time. Pic 6


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Below-grade access

Door for wastewater treatment facilities is available in single or double leaf design. The J-AL aluminum door is designed to provide access to areas located underground or beneath/between floors. Its counter balanced design allows for one-hand operation, regardless of its size. Door latches ensure complete closure, while automatic hold-open arms prevent unintended shutting.

Bilco Co.

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It's a breeze

Clear wave and frosted wave acrylic block, can be used as replacement or new construction windows. The acrylic block option is available in either a white or tan frame in picture, casement and awning styles. Pic 7

Simonton Windows.

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Strong and silent

Acoustical and bullet-door and window assemblies are designed for optimum security. The complete assembly, including door, frame, perimeter sound seals and door bottom, is provided as a complete tested unit, not as components, to ensure that the final product performs as specified. It is suitable for government offices, airports and industrial research or testing facilities.

Krieger Steel.

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Opening options

Interior door line is available in both single and bifold door configurations. The Shaker Series single door is available in two- three- and four-panel designs, while the bifold is offered in two different four-panel patterns. Pic 8

Simpson Mastermark.

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Fire fighter

Fire-rated door with a fire rating from 20 to 90 minutes can be finished to match any color scheme and is available with sidelites, transoms and windows with complementary ratings as well. The doors come complete with standard hardware packages, including ball-bearing pivot hinges surface-mounted or concealed closures, single mortise locks and panic hardware. Pic 9

Technical Glass Products.

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Slide over

Sliding and pivoting glass door features stainless-steel fixtures and components to render a clean, modern and aesthetic look for corporate offices, meeting facilities and other applications. The system consists of an assortment of sleek-looking components that enable smooth sliding and pivoting actions. Pic 10

Dorma Group.

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Swingin' back

Swing door, available in 14 colors, has a standard haircell finish that hides fingerprints, scratches and abrasions caused by incidental contact. Stainless-steel perimeter capping and sloped stainless-steel window frame allow for easy cleaning and resist particle buildup.

Chase Doors.

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Open wide

Wood stile and rail doors feature an extensive palatte that can be specified in many combinations. Wood selections include beech, red oak, cherry and jarrah. These doors are suitable for interior and limited exterior applications. Pic 11

Forms + Surfaces.

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Swinging terrace doors come as single or double doors. Each leaf has mitered corner construction, four specially extruded hinges and dependable hardware with multi-point rolling cam locks. TerraStile doors can be painted any color. Pic 12


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Quick access

High-speed door allows for rapid room access for foot traffic pushcarts, pallet jacks and light forklifts. To ensure that all rooms along the processing and manufacturing chain are tightly sealed, the Supercompact door offers sealing system. Pic 13


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Speed and security

High-speed security door for industrial and commercial applications, combines speed, aesthetics and security. The Spiral door is ideal for exterior doorways with moderate to heavy motorized traffic. The door opens at 5 feet per second, improving traffic flow and efficiency. Additionally, its high-speed operation saves energy by minimizing air infiltration through the doorway.

Rytec Corp.

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