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Six different flavors

Acoustical ceiling panels come in six varieties, all which have a noise reduction coefficient of up to 1.00, a lifetime warranty against breakage, an R-value of 1.75/in., and a light reflectance of up to 0.75. The panels can be painted or used in their natural color. High-impact wood fiber panels are abuse-resistant, says their producer, making them ideal for educational facilities, sports arenas, and recreation centers.


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Do The Wave!

Canopy accent ceiling panels allow designers to use different colors, textures, and sizes at a variety of heights to accent ceilings in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. Available in 2x5- and 2x6-in. sizes, the Infusions collection ranges from very soft translucents to deep tones. With translucent options, lighting can be manipulated for variations of light and color.


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Drywall-like Ceiling

Ceiling panels made in large-formats create a monolithic, drywall-like appearance that can be used in museums, airports, theatres, and sports arenas. Techsytle Acoustical Ceilings are made of a honeycomb structure and absorb sound at both high and low frequencies.


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No need to be quiet

Textured, fiberglass-ceiling panels hold the highest possible noise reduction coefficient rating of 1, for use in lobbies, libraries, and open offices. The panels have a light reflectance property of LR .88, which makes them suitable for spaces with indirect lighting as well, says the manufacturer. Halcyon Climaplus panels are available in 2x2-, 2.5x2.5-, 2x4-, and 4x4-ft. dimensions.


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Clouds capture imagination

The Children's Place retail stores chose Harmoni ceiling tiles for their 35 new stores and any future remodeling to their 629 existing stores. The store's design director, Michael Dubiel, chose Harmoni tiles because they appear "child-friendly and whimsical." Dubiel said the suspended cloud feature and dimensional plaid texture of the tiles "supports the shape-oriented architectural elements in the stores, [which were] designed to appeal to children's fascination with shapes." The tiles have a high level of acoustical control, which make them ideal for noisy, open commercial environments like retail stores, offices, ballrooms, restaurants, and movie theatres.


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Patterned walls

Opaque glass surface material can cover elevator cab interior or freestanding walls. ChromaSurface is made by laminating a printed interlayer between two pieces of safety glass. Because the color or image is in the middle and the glass is translucent, ChromaSurface is totally opaque, enabling designers to choose different patterns for each side of a freestanding wall. The surface has no irregularities to capture dirt or impede through cleaning.

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