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Shopping in Comfort

Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Center, which encompasses over 2 million sf of retail space, 210 stores, and a six-story office tower, recently remodeled its HVAC system. The system includes 11 Voyager packaged rooftop units, with two-stage heating and cooling agents, and five smaller Voyager Precedent units, featuring dual compressors, allowing rapid cooldown and longer duty cycles at lower cooling levels. A Tracer Summit building automation system was also added to control the rooftop units. The manufacturer estimates that the new system is saving the shopping center nearly $120,000 per year.


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Create a New Old Look

Clay pavers are made to look centuries old by being fed through a large tumbler that rounds the edges while maintaining strength and size. Best application is for a building with historic main street theme. Rumbled bricks can be installed on a flexible sand base and are available in five colors.

Pine Hall Brick Co.

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Bold Bricks

Bricks for exterior and interior surfaces are made in a unique process that presses the moisture out of the bricks, eliminating the typical 24- to 48-hour drying time. Available in four different textures and a variety of bold colors, as well as the traditional red, brown, tan, and gray hues. Bricks are lightweight and can be installed on panels.

Stone Mountain Brick Co.

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