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Bolted basics

Commercial grade deadbolts accommodate three cylinder options, two keyways and lockless cylinders as well. The BC100 features a heavy-duty 1-in. metal bolt with a hardened steel roller pin to help prevent kick-in attacks and sawing of the bolt. In addition, the deadbolt has a steel faceplate that increases bolt strength up to four times greater than competitive products and a steel door strike that increases security to three times greater than its competitors. The bolt also has a cylinder that offers 10 times the drill resistance of smaller products. All these features combined allow the product to surpass ANSI 156.5 security requirements.

Schlage Commercial Lock.

Reader Service No. 302

Don't panic

Panic entrance features a slimline panic device to create a low-profile panic door. The VIP Series entrances are offered in concealed and rim types, are constructed of all metal working parts for durability, and include linear tread pattern in the touch bar for easy traction. The mechanism is only 3 inches high with a bold "PUSH" indicator.


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Blink of an eye

Two thousand passengers who travel frequently with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways will go through passport and access control at London's Heathrow International Airport with the blink of an eye. An iris recognition-based processing system positively identifies travelers. To enroll, passengers look into a video camera that takes a close-up image of the iris. About 512 bytes of digital pattern data are extracted from the image, are digitally encoded, sorted and later compared with the new real-time image. The system relies on each person's unique iris pattern. Once enrolled, passengers glance into a camera about 10 inches away and are granted access immediately upon recognition.

EyeTicket Corp.

Reader Service No. 315

Who's there?

Door stations with a digital-key telephone system function with hands-free operation and call forwarding. After pressing the integral doorbell button, the visitor will be answered from an internal intercom station or a phone station using the special DSS key. Best for small offices and businesses.

Digital Security Controls Ltd.

Reader Service No. 309

Long-range control

Infrared-based receiver system, designed to work with any access control system, is ideal for applications where a high level of convenience and long reader range is required. InfraClick receivers are effective at ranges up to 30 feet and include an optional built-in pinhole CCTV camera to assist in visual identification of system users.


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Exit strategy

Panic device for tempered glass doors features top and bottom rods that are flush with the door surface, virtually eliminating catch hazards while offering the security of a double-latching device. The Glas DRS mechanical rail system clamps and secures the two panes of glass and the metal tube at the top and bottom, creating an integrated door.


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Keyless entry

Key-in-lever lock is the first electronic pushbutton lock that is time-sensitive without requiring hardwiring. The 4400 Oracode KIL will fit into most locking applications and is easy to use for management and employees, providing secure access control using just a PIN code. Employees can access areas they are authorized to enter for a specified time period as well.

Kaba Ilco Inc.

Reader Service No. 312

Exit control

Electromechanical delayed egress exit device is used to secure interior or exterior openings. When armed, SecureX delays egress for 15 to 30 seconds upon depression of a push pad. Once the delay cycle is timed out, the device releases for egress. It then remains armed to sound an alarm until it is reset.

Yale Security Group.

Reader Service No. 313

Delayed leave

Integrated door movement exit delay package includes built-in delay electronics, audible alarm and keyswitch for reset and authorized release, self-contained in a stainless steel housing. The iMXD allows code-compliant door movement initiation, up to 1 inch, while allowing automatic door relatches in case of accidental exit delay initiation.


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Hefty hardware

Heavy-duty hardware is designed to be used with folding door panels weighing up to 125 pounds and sliding doors weighing as much as 300 pounds. Best for commercial applications where durability and trouble-free operation are a priority, including offices and schools.

L.E. Johnson Products Inc.

Reader Service No. 301


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