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Deep data: How greater intelligence can lead to better buildings

The buzzword may be “Big Data,” but the reality is that Building Teams need to burrow deep into those huge datasets in the course of designing and building new facilities. Much of the information is free. You just need to dig for it.

Arup report predicts future of manufacturing

Global engineering and design consultantcy Arup launched "Rethinking the Factory," a report exploring the emerging trends, processes, and technologies that are transforming the manufacturing landscape. The report examines how the introduction of new technologies such as 3D printing, self-cleaning and self-healing materials, human/robot collaboration will lead to faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly production.

What’s next for 3D printing in design and construction?

Barron’s recently predicted that 3D printing would be a $13 billion industry by 2018, up from $600 million two years ago. AEC industry use might represent only a fraction of the total, but the trend is definitely ascending.

Daniel Libeskind unveils 'talking towers' design for Rome development

Architect Daniel Libeskind is proposing a design that will drastically change the Eternal City’s skyline: three angular towers that look like they’re “in conversation with one another.”

Making use of Rome’s temperate climate, the tower complex will have a large plaza, as well as terraces and vertical gardens. Huge windows will offer views of Rome’s old town and Vatican City in the distance.

11 tips for mastering 3D printing in the AEC world

The process of converting a digital file into a physical object has been around since the late 1980s, but only in the last few years has 3D printing caught on as a modeling tool in the design and construction industry. AEC firms have expressed high hopes for integrating 3D printing with BIM, laser scanning, and augmented reality—even for manufacturing building components.

Moreau Kusunoki's 'art in the city' scheme wins Guggenheim Helsinki design competition

It’s been a little more than a year since the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation launched an open, international competition for the design of a proposed Guggenheim in Helsinki, back on June 7, 2014. Today, the foundation announced that the winning design—selected from more than 1,700 entries—is the one by Parisian firm Moreau Kusunoki Architectes.

The world's best new skyscrapers for 2015

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat selected the winners of the Best Tall Building Awards as part of its 2015 CTBUH Annual Awards.

Google to convert an Alabama coal-burning plant to a data center running on clean energy

The coal-producing industry has taken its lumps of late, a victim of natural gas fracking and restrictions on air pollution. This October, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will finally close its outdated Widows Creek coal plant in Stevenson, Ala., which had been providing energy to the region since the 1960s, rather than knock heads with the EPA over tighter financial and environmental regulations.

Snøhetta releases design for riverfront public market in Portland, Ore.

It’s been more than 70 years since Oregon’s largest city, Portland, has had a public market. In response to the city's thriving culinary scene, residents have formed the non-profit organization James Beard Public Market, and Snøhetta designed what will be Portland’s first year-round market since 1942, when the Portland Public Market closed down.

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