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Innovation districts + tech clusters: How the ‘open innovation’ era is revitalizing urban cores

If you live in the Philadelphia area and work in a newly constructed or recently renovated office space, chances are your place of employment is located in a burgeoning neighborhood on the west side of the city, called University City. The district represents just 0.02% of the region’s office market landmass, yet it is where 82% of all office construction work occurred in 2014.

Vallco Shopping Mall renovation plans include 'largest green roof in the world'

The new owners of the Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino, Calif., have announced that they intend to transform the outdated shopping mall into a multi-purpose complex, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Shhh!!! 6 ways to keep the noise down in new and existing hospitals

Hospital executives, healthcare system boards, and clinical staffs have never been more aware of the relationship between noise and patient wellness, says Kurt Rockstroh, FAIA, FACHA, President and CEO of Boston-based Steffian Bradley Architects & Planners. On every one of his firm’s hospital projects, says Rockstroh, “noise reduction is a focus.”

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