Hanwha L&C debuts Miraton premium quartz flooring

August 11, 2010


Hanwha L&C USA, the leader in surface manufacturing, announces the introduction of Miraton, a premium tile collection extension of its quartz surface line that will soon be manufactured in North America. Clients will be able to access the 30-plus color palette of Miraton this summer alongside seven new colors from the company’s top-of-the-line countertop imprints, HanStone and Hanex through its distributors. All Hanwha L&C USA premium product lines and colors in development will be on display at this year’s Kitchen/Bath Industry Show (K/BIS), May 1-3, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Miraton is the next generation in premium quartz surfacing, suitable for a wide range of applications, including flooring, interior wall cladding, and vanities. Miraton is dense, non-porous, stain-resistant and requires virtually no maintenance, ideal for both commercial and residential applications. The color palette ranges from soothing earth tones and bold dark shades to vivid complexions and bright hues, communicating exquisite luxury and sophistication. Commercial installation of Miraton currently includes major airports and high-end retail establishments. Through introduction of Miraton, Hanwha L&C USA continues to expand its products lines to become the one-stop surfacing manufacturer for all application.

 “Miraton reflects Hanwha L&C USA’s continued dedication to being the surface authority, covering counter-tops, walls and now flooring,” states Dr. Daniel Yu, President, Hanwha L&C North America. “We are proud to offer all our commercial and residential customers the most extensive, most opulent and most durable surfacing products in the industry”.

In addition to the Miraton line, Hanwha L&C USA will extend the color offerings to its innovative HanStone and Hanex brands, by introducing eight HanStone concept patterns along with Brionne 2 and Hanex colors this summer. As evident in all of Hanwha L&C USA brands, HanStone and Hanex imprints are made only from top of the line materials, resulting in rich and luxurious products that maintain their look and have a broad appeal.

With Hanwha L&C USA’s extensive range of offerings, architects and designers now have the ability to satisfy their surfacing needs in one place. Hanwha L&C USA also offers an AIA registered continuous education program about Solid Surfaces and Quartz Surfacing for architects.

The upcoming 30-plus Miraton color palette and the extended color line from HanStone and Hanex are available via qualified distributors and retailers throughout North America this summer. For images, interviews or additional information, please contact Natalie A. Svider at (818) 370-2468 / natalie@passportadvertising.com or Gloria Johnson at (323) 964-9002 / gloria@passportadvertising.com or visit Hanwha L&C USA at K/BIS booth number B2910.

About Miraton
Following in the footsteps of the beautifully functional HanStone line, Miraton Quartz Collection stands apart because its extremely hard slabs and tiles possess unique strength, depth, clarity and radiance. With Miraton’s dense and non-porous properties that require virtually zero maintenance, it is well suited for a wide range of surfacing applications including countertops, vanities, interior wall cladding and floors for both residential and even the largest scale commercial floors.

A current color palette of over 30 and the ability to produce essentially any color or appearance, architectures and designers will only be limited by their imagination.

About Hanwha L&C
Since 1952, Hanwha L&C has been building a reputation as a leading name in providing innovative building products worldwide. Hanwha L&C USA started offering its premium products in the US, five years ago through HanStone Fine Quartz and Hanex Brionne-Bellassimo Solid Surface, by combining beauty, elegant style and quality without sacrificing functionality. As a recent AIA member, Hanwha L & C USA will be partnering with architects as well as designers to continue to expand its product lines and provide superior surfacing solution for all application. Due to the growing demand, Hanwha L&C USA will soon announce a North American plant opening in July of 2009 that will further Hanwha’s endeavor to better service North American clients and cement its leadership in surfacing manufacturing category.


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