Giving you the power of possibilities

Every day more and more people are discovering the beauty and the performance of Nichiha fiber cement Architectural Wall Panels. And thanks to our progressive approach to product development and state-of-the art technology, we help building teams achieve the stunning look of stone, concrete, metal and much more.

With over 40+ fiber cement textures and finishes to choose from, there are more options to capture the desired aesthetics for hi-end commercial projects. Our wall systems provides hidden fasteners for a clean and beautiful look along with a meticulously engineered drained and back ventilated rainscreen system that effectively manages air flow and moisture.

A unique element of Nichiha panels is a patented clip installation system that reduces costs, as no special tools or specific trade labor is needed to complete installation. As versatile as they are convenient, Nichiha panels can be installed on most common substrates and are engineered for high performance, protecting buildings against rotting, warping, pest, or delaminating concerns.

We invite you to explore the power of possibilities by visiting today to learn more about the value and versatility of Nichiha.