Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions

Among its range of High Performance Building Solutions, Dow Corning offers a variety of options to help architects and building system designers achieve design freedom:

Dow Corning® Architectural Insulation Modules are thin-profile curtainwall materials constructed with energy-saving, high-performance Dow Corning® Vacuum Insulation Panels. These easy-to-install modules can significantly increase thermal resistance in space-limited situation and enable slim wall constructions with high thermal performance (R-50 in a 2" thick module).

The Dow Corning® Silicone Air Barrier System is a suite of compatible high-performance silicone technologies designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It alleviates the shortcomings of current air barriers and delivers airtightness, UV resistance, weatherability, breathability and fire ratings.

Dow Corning
® 121 Structural Glazing Sealant is a cost-saving, fast-cure structural silicone sealant featuring a unique 1:1 mix ratio, providing a high-performance alternative for fa├žade contractors and manufacturers.