Sustainable Performance with CertainTeed Gypsum Choices

To provide a pleasant healing environment that incorporates improved indoor air quality, optimal acoustic performance, fire safety, aesthetics, durability, and other sustainable performance features, team up with CertainTeed Gypsum.

Our AirRenew® family of gypsum boards remove formaldehyde from the air to help improve indoor air quality; SilentFX® Noise-Reducing Gypsum Board achieves STC ratings of 50 and higher with fewer layers of gypsum board than traditional assemblies, and DiamondBack® GlasRoc® Tile Backer is so lightweight and easy to install, even veteran contractors will be impressed. All of these products are mold resistant.

By making smart choices in your project's building materials, patients and doctors can focus on healing while architects, contractors, purchasing managers and owners focus on one partner to help them provide service and support for healthcare building projects.