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The future looks light.
In a recent study, more than 500 construction industry decision makers told SYNTHEON Inc. that they expect up to 20% growth in lightweight concrete projects over the next five years.

Engineered for sustainability.
Elemix® additive distributes uniformly, creating mid to lightweight structural concrete with improved physical characteristics in every way that matters—resistance to cracking and fire; ease of placement; and durability to freezing and thawing.

Creating environmentally and economically-sound structures.
Elemix additive may contribute to producing sustainable structures when incorporated in walls, decks, and various precast products. Additionally, newly launched Elemix ExB additive can be utilized in non-structural applications.

Look to Elemix additive to:
Support a green roof system when designed in a low-density concrete, contributing to the reduction of the heat island effect and energy consumption of the structure.

Reduce the weight of precast concrete so that more precast elements may be placed on a truck.

Contribute to the reduction of the structural steel and reduce the quantity of other structural materials through the reduction in weight of the flooring systems.

Produce reliable and consistent concrete mixes anywhere in the world.

Elemix is a registered trademark of NOVA Chemicals Inc.


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