Green building '06in perspective

August 11, 2010

It's been a rollicking year for new developments in the green building movement. Consider the following milestones just through early November, as 10,000+ get ready to converge on the Denver Convention Center for the fifth edition of Greenbuild.

January 27: The U.S. Green Building Council board establishes a Wood Task Force to consider changes to LEED credits on wood certification and rapidly renewable materials.

February 1: The Green Building Council of Australia releases “The Dollars and Sense of Green Buildings 2006.”

February 16: First LEED-CS Gold McDonald's opens in Savannah, Ga.

March 8: The Associated General Contractors of America issues its “Environmental Agenda: Building Your Quality of Life.”

April 18: Canada's BOMA Green Go Plus approves its 100th project.

June 1: China's government announces “Enforcement of Green Building Evaluations and Standards” for residential building codes and technical evaluation standards.

June 12: The EPA announces its new WaterSense program, a parallel effort to Energy Star. Goal: save 30,000 gallons of water per U.S. household per year.

July 2: The UAE Green Building Council is formed, bringing the membership of the World Green Building Council to eight.

August 1: The Clinton Climate Initiative is formed and joins with the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group to seek ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

August 7: USGBC announces a partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative.

August 22: Ceres, a Boston-based environmental research group, issues “From Risk to Opportunity: How Insurers Can Proactively and Profitably Manage Climate Change.”

August 16: First LEED Platinum home.

August 31: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs SB 1, California's “Million Solar Roofs” bill, into law.

September 11: “The Costs and Benefits of Greening America's Schools,” by Gregory Kats, issued.

September 27: Schwarzenegger signs AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1990 levels by 2020.

Scientific Certification Systems launches the SCS Sustainable Choice product certification program for carpets and rugs.

Houston developer Hines forms a $120 million “green fund” with CalPERS.

September 28: Latin American Sustainable Energy Policy Initiative holds first meeting, Montevideo, Uruguay.

September 29: World Business Council on Sustainable Development issues a report on “Energy Efficiency in Buildings.”

October 5: The Higher Education Associations Sustainable Consortium greenlights development of a LEED-type rating system for college campuses.

October 9: The Hearst Tower, NYC's first occupied green office building, opens.

October 12: First LEED-certified hotel, Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco.

November 15: Greenbuild Denver.

November 16: Robert Cassidy, BD+C's editor-in-chief, will discuss this year's White Paper: “Green Buildings and the Bottom Line,” at 2 p.m. in Room 403 of the Denver Convention Center.


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