A fresh, yet familiar format

August 11, 2010

Welcome to the New Year and the redesigned Building Design & Construction. This revised presentation begins on the cover with a lighter-appearing logo that nevertheless retains an emphasis on the words "Design" and "Construction."

Inside, you'll find a new look for departments, a more contemporary color palette and a lighter type treatment throughout, for easier readability.

BD&C's content, as well as its presentation, has been revised. A new column, "Project Chronicles," is a monthly update on selected projects as they progress from design through construction. "Project Chronicles," which is located just in front of the back cover, introduces an editorial feature to the back of the magazine. See the inaugural report on page 60.

A monthly "International Update" will focus on foreign projects with involvement by U.S.-based firms.

An enhanced product section includes an informational lead-in, as well as featured case studies. And an expanded "Industry and Market Data" section will include more cost and market trend information from CMD and R.S. Means.

The redesign project began more than a year ago when focus groups were conducted to obtain readers' opinions about what they liked about BD&C, and what they thought could be improved. The project shifted into high gear last summer to implement the refined appearance you see before you.

In tweaking the magazine's format, we were mindful not to change features that have endeared BD&C to its readers. For example, the focus groups verified that a statement announcing the magazine's previous redesign in January 1998 is as relevant today as it was then: "Readers overwhelmingly approved our practical coverage of the nonresidential construction industry, and agreed that practicing building team members have vital information needs in common, no matter what their discipline."

We're pleased to introduce our new look. We hope you like it.


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