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Flameless water and gas install for Noah’s Ark

When you’re building the largest timber-frame structure in the world, you don’t want an open flame anywhere near the construction site. 

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June 21, 2016 |

Ark Encounter is the first phase of the AiG theme park

Located in Williamstown, Ky., the Ark Encounter, a 510-foot long wooden boat, is designed to be a family-oriented, historically authentic and environmentally friendly attraction. Created by Answers in Genesis (AiG), a Christian ministry, the Ark Encounter opens in July, 2016, and will bring to life the depictions of the historical events of Noah’s Ark.

The Ark Encounter, a $91.5 million project, is phase one of an entire religious theme park. Additional phases to be completed on the 800-acre site include a pre-flood city, a petting zoo and a walk-through aviary. The Creation Museum, an AiG museum located 40 miles from the Ark, was the first job Applied Mechanical Systems, the mechanical contractor for the Ark, did for AiG.

“They liked our work,” said Brian Hogue, plumbing foreman for Applied Mechanical Systems (AMS). “Our mechanical engineers went to Troyer Group, who is constructing the Ark Encounter, about four years ago and helped their engineering firm with code issues and three years later, when they were ready to start construction, they gave us the job.”

Troyer Group specified the use of Viega ProPress for copper for all the potable water lines, in sizes ranging from ½" to 4", and Viega MegaPressG for the natural gas lines, ranging from ½" to 2".

Ronald Troyer, Senior Vice President of Troyer Group, has included Viega products in various projects. He and Hogue emphasized that the flameless technology and ease of use were the motivating factors for specifying Viega.


Flameless install at largest timber-frame structure


“The no-heat and no-flame installation of plumbing piping was a definite plus,” said Troyer. “As with most projects of this scale, meeting a tight construction schedule was also a great fit for Viega products. The ease of installation which equated to cost savings with copper pipe was also a plus.”

Hogue agreed and expressed his appreciation for the overall quality of the Viega products and the difference it made on this project.

“Seeing how this is the largest timber frame wood structure in the world, they did not want open flame in the Ark,” Hogue said. “In my opinion, Viega MegaPress and Viega ProPress fittings are built well. There are a lot fewer leaks than other press manufacturers’ fittings. Plus, you save more time, making them cost effective.”

AMS has been installing Viega system solutions in applications where soldering would be prohibitive, and the time saved gives them the opportunity to stay ahead of the game on many jobs. 

“It’s great for shut downs in factories where you don’t have time to worry about draining the system,” Hogue said. “In our Dayton offices, we use it a lot in hospitals, since it is a clean process of joining pipe. I highly recommend Viega systems.”

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