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Hot Box, by Michaela MacLeod of Polymétis Architecture and Nicholas Croft, was o
Jan 16, 2015
Five winning designs have been unveiled for lifeguard stands that will double as public space art installations on Toronto's beach.
Photo: Shmuel Spiegelman via Wikimedia Commons
Jan 16, 2015
A study released by the New York Building Congress shows that construction costs in Manhattan have risen 5% in each of the last two years.
The designers were able to exceed 100 square inches in the door vision area in t
Much attention has been given to active fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers, that are designed to suppress fires. While automatic sprinklers are reliable, they are neither absolute nor infallible. 
All photos courtesy Andrew Pielage Photography
Jan 15, 2015
Artist Adam Reed Tucker used 180,000 LEGO pieces and 420 hours of work to recreate Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West campus.
Jan 15, 2015
Construction input prices dipped 1.4% during the final month of 2014 and are down nearly 1% on a year-over-year basis, according to the Jan. 15 producer price index release from the U.S. Department of Labor. 
Vilnius Beacon, Daniel Libeskind
Jan 15, 2015
Perched on the highest peak between Vilnius' historic quarter and downtown, the Vilnius Beacon will be a hub for visiting skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.
Jan 15, 2015
The illustrations are Federico Babina's abstract interpretations of the styles of famous architects, from Frank Lloyd Wright to Bjarke Ingels.
When the architectural community wants to select the most durable coatings in the industry, what resources are available? The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has created stringent performance standards. For...
Jan 14, 2015
The competition challenged design teams to create zero-net-energy buildings for the Jack London Gateway project site in Oakland, Calif. 
No matter the level of complexity, workplace change can be a challenge for your client's employees. VOA's Angie Lee breaks down the process of moving offices as efficiently as possible, from creating a "change team" to hosting hard-hat...
Jan 13, 2015
Holl designed the campus’ north side to be a pedestrian-centered cultural hub on a lively landscape with ample underground parking. 
Torre Costanera in Santiago, Chile, is South America's first supertall. Photo: J
Jan 13, 2015
Last year was a record-breaking year for high-rise construction, with 97 tall buildings completed worldwide, including 11 "supertalls," according to a new report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.
Jan 13, 2015
Exchange House, an elegant 10-story office building that spans over the merging tracks of London’s Liverpool Street Station, is located in London’s Broadgate Development.
28th Street Apartments, Koning Eizenberg Architecture Inc. Photo: © Eric Stauden
Jan 12, 2015
Bjarke Ingels' Danish Maritime Museum and William Rawn's Cambridge Public Library are among the winning projects.
Jan 9, 2015
Calatrava reveals that he wanted to retain the “tiny home” feel of the original church building that was destroyed with the twin towers on 9/11.