Fairfax, Va. construction consulting firm McDonough Bolyard Peck acquires FAI Construction Consultants

August 11, 2010

Danelle Prezioso
Director of Communications & Marketing
McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc.
3040 Williams Drive, Suite 300
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 800-898-9088

Fairfax, VA – McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. (MBP) has announced the completion of MBP’s acquisition of New York-based firm, FAI Construction Consultants (FAI). This acquisition will further enhance MBP’s presence in the New York and Northeast construction market.

“This acquisition brings together two firms who have a closely matched sense of values, integrity and hard work”, states firm President and Chief Operating Officer Blake V. Peck, PE, CCM.

“We are very excited to have direct access to an even larger wealth of resources and experience within MBP in order to complement our New York operations”, states FAI’s former President/MBP Branch Manager, George Fink, Jr., PE.

MBP has begun a seamless integration of FAI employees, expertise and intellectual property to ensure a smooth transition which, in turn, will deliver increased value for the firm’s clients.

Fink will manage the branch’s operations and growth and can be reached at:

FAI Construction Consultants, a McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. company
2 Rector Street, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10006
Tel: 646-839-4551
Email: gfink@mbpce.com or gfink@faiconsulting.com

McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. is a multi-disciplined construction consulting firm experienced in assisting clients in managing the construction process from initial budget, through design and construction, to successful project closeout. Established in 1989, MBP is a nationally recognized Top 100 construction management firm and Top 40 program management firm with offices in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland


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