Accelera™ installs within hours, not days; gives industry professionals advantages over traditional options

January 21, 2014

Dur-A-Flex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional seamless, resinous flooring, has released Accelera Fast Track Flooring, the newest in its lineup of performance systems.

Based on a proprietary new chemistry that eliminates lengthy install times, Accelera delivers high performance features typical of traditional seamless flooring while helping contractors increase their overall efficiency and profitability.

“Contractors, architects and facility owners can all reap the benefits of Accelera’s combination of fast installation and high performance,” says David Hughes, Dur-A-Flex’s Vice President of Marketing, R&D, and Procurement. “This system was designed to meet the needs of today’s round-the-clock operations by cutting cure times, giving flooring contractors a boost in completing installs within hours, not days, while facility owners sidestep lost revenue from delayed openings,” he concludes.

Accelera will be available for viewing in person this week at the largest, international construction tradeshow in Las Vegas ­- World of Concrete 2014- where Dur-A-Flex is holding outdoor installation demonstrations in booth O-40643. Indoors at booth S-12127, show attendees can view a plethora of samples, talk with Dur-A-Flex’s team of experts about Accelera’s benefits and learn more about installing this newest system.

“The World of Concrete is the perfect setting for Dur-A-Flex to debut Accelera,” says Hughes. “We appreciate opportunities to help our contractor partners exceed client expectations and we understand the financial impact on facilities when operations are disrupted,” he concludes.

Available in 12-solid colors for broadcast floors and for decorative options, Accelera Fast Track Flooring also includes Dur-A-Flex’s standard vinyl and quartz blends and unlimited custom blends, making this line a go-to option for architects and interior designs as well.

The Accelera hybrid systems feature high moisture tolerance, allowing installations on 5 – 7 day old concrete, another home-run for speeding up construction cycles.

Named one of the “Best Places to Work in CT” for the fifth time by the Hartford Business Journal-sponsored awards program, Dur-A-Flex, Inc. is a privately-held, leading manufacturer of quality epoxy, urethane, methyl methacrylate and colored aggregates offering a complete line of high performance polymer flooring and wall systems. The versatile seamless applications provide improved safety, minimal downtime and easy maintenance to all industries.

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