City-owned buildings to go carbon-free in Los Angeles

Mayor commits to goal for new and extensively renovated structures.

February 20, 2020 |

Courtesy Pixabay

An executive directive by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti commits the city to constructing 100% carbon-free buildings and to use less carbon-intensive building materials.

Los Angeles follows a growing trend of cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh, that have committed to new government building stock being all-electric or becoming 100% emissions free. The city already has 26 all-electric buildings totaling 2 million sf in development.

Los Angeles will become the first local government to adopt the Buy Clean California Act, a state law requiring carbon emissions reductions from construction materials, including steel, flat glass, and insulation. This legislation takes effect in 2021 for buildings such as fire stations, civic centers, and libraries.

Garcetti also directed the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to improve access to its clean energy programs specifically for low-income, affordable housing, and multifamily properties.

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