Office Building

 During his 30-plus years of experience, Poon has been responsible for the design and construction of super high-rise structures, mixed-used buildings, hotels, airports, arenas and residential...
The facility achieved 52 LEED points, including those for site selection, energy, materials and resources and innovation.
The 108 floor mixed-use skyscraper consists of offices, apartments, hotels and shopping malls on the lower floors.
Boyd R. Zoccola is Chair and Chief Elected Officer of BOMA International. A BOMA member since 1994, he has served on the Executive, Finance, Investment, and Medical/Healthcare Facilities Committees....
Our experts provide solid advice on the correct way to design and construct underfloor air distribution systems, to yield significant energy savings.
Workstations for successful integrated project delivery, a white paper by Dell and BD+C.
A new tablet device for construction professionals puts 3D data at the fingertips of project managers and construction supervisors.
Manhattan developers are planning the city's biggest decade of office construction since the 1980s, betting on rising demand for modern space even with tenants unsigned and the availability of...
The former Winchester Repeating Arms Factory in New Haven, Conn., is the new home of PepsiCo’s Biology Innovation Research Laboratory.