Office Building

A key design element in the police substation was the green roof grid system, wh
The police substation is the first higher education facility in San Diego County to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, the highest rating possible.
The result, the researchers say, could be technologies capable of cutting the carbon footprint created by the huge power demands buildings place on the nation’s electrical grid.
The Flat Tower design is based on a medium-height dome structure that covers a l
A team of French designers unveil the “Flat Tower” design, a second place winner in the 2011 eVolo skyscraper competition.
A skyscraper in New York City is using Mage Powertec Plus modules to reduce electricity consumption and decrease carbon emissions.
The Riviera Point development will result in the creation of 441 jobs from the c
Riviera Point Holdings breaks ground on $17 million office center.
The Bank of America Plaza in Atlanta was taken back by its lender at a foreclosu
Repo will help reset market prices for real estate, and the eventual new owner will likely set rental rates at a new or near the bottom and improve the facilities to lure tenants.
The $110 million Math and Science Building occupies the area immediately east of
Designed by Architects | Delawie Wilkes Rodrigues Barker, the new San Diego Mesa College Math and Science Building will provide new educational space for students pursuing degree and certificate...
The Ball State geothermal heating and cooling system will save $2 million annual
Ball State's geothermal system will replace four aging coal-fired boilers to provide renewable power that will heat and cool 47 university buildings, representing 5.5-million-sf on the 660-acre...
According to a Ponemon Institute study, an outage can cost an organization an av
Technologies and best practices provide path for better preparation.
Traditional office space being transformed into a modern work environment, complete with private offices, high-tech conference rooms, a break room, and an art gallery, as well as standard facilities...