Office Building

The Ball State geothermal heating and cooling system will save $2 million annual
Ball State's geothermal system will replace four aging coal-fired boilers to provide renewable power that will heat and cool 47 university buildings, representing 5.5-million-sf on the 660-acre...
According to a Ponemon Institute study, an outage can cost an organization an av
Technologies and best practices provide path for better preparation.
Traditional office space being transformed into a modern work environment, complete with private offices, high-tech conference rooms, a break room, and an art gallery, as well as standard facilities...
The repair was not proposed as a permanent solution to the building's flaws, but
By contrast, CityCenter half-owner and developer MGM Resorts International determined last year that the Harmon would collapse in a strong quake and can't be fixed in an economical way. It favors...
The revised design keeps the obelisk form of the original with enclosed space gi
The glassy white high-rise would be 60 stories and 1,070 feet tall with an entrance at First and Mission streets.
The warp-speed construction is a startling illustration of the building boom in
A 30-story hotel in Changsha went up in two weeks. Some question the safety in that, but the builder defends its methods.
Today, just 24% of the respondents reported that the average space per office wo
The average for all companies for square feet per worker in 2017 will be 151 sf, compared to 176 sf, and 225 sf in 2010.
Retrofitting our existing commercial buildings is one of the key steps to overcoming the economic and environmental challenges we face.
The Firestone BP iPad app offers building owners, facility managers, contractors
Free app provides a preview of Firestone’s Roots to Rooftop Building Envelope Solution with an overview of all the products from ground and stormwater management solutions, to complete wall...
Working in partnership, Gensler and Skender Construction have recently completed
Construction was completed by Skender in just 12 weeks.