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Photo: Larsinio via Wikimedia Commons
May 28,2014

For some building owners, a new measurement standard could mean that their building would shrink in size and lose value.

Photo: Branko Radovanović via Wikimedia Commons
May 28,2014

New York City developers are using rooftop wind turbines in an effort to attract buyers by highlighting a building’s green credentials.

CBRE's global headquarters in Los Angeles is the world's first WELL-certified co
May 28,2014

The standard is the first protocol of its kind that focuses on improving human wellness within the built environment by identifying specific...

Photo: Fleshas via Wikimedia Commons
May 22,2014
The publication provides guidelines on interface requirements between chilled-water systems and technology cooling systems and on the...
UT Dallas 74,000-sf Student Services Building, the first academic structure in T
May 22,2014

Preliminary DOE analysis shows that the ASHRAE/IES’s 2013 energy efficiency standard contains energy savings over the 2010 standard of 8.5% source...

May 15,2014

The AISC standard Prequalified Moment Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC...

May 15,2014

ConsensusDocs has released the new ConsensusDocs 746 Constructor & Geotechnical Consultant Agreement and the 747 Constructor & Consultant...

Photo: Jacopo Werther via Wikimedia Commons
May 13,2014

The industry associations, with more than 700,000 members generating almost $1 trillion in GDP, have issued a joint statement on resilience,...

Photo: Matthiasb via Wikimedia Commons
May 08,2014

The most resilient cities in the world, including five in the U.S., have attributes that would enable them to recover better than others from...

Photo: Thomas Pintaric via Wikimedia Commons
May 08,2014

Thanks largely to an ambitious program to boost the use of LED lighting in its buildings, Los Angeles is the top ranked U.S. city on the...