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Photo: courtesy LBNL
April 04,2014

A new report from LBNL says that white roofs are three times more effective than green roofs at “cooling the globe.”

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April 04,2014

The standard answers such questions as: Should the measurements of a building’s area used in the equation to derive energy use per square foot be...

March 31,2014

EKO Flood Protection created a flood prevention solution for one of New York City's largest office buildings, 55 Water Street, that can be...

March 26,2014

Facilities across the nation have been able to shave on average about 2.5% of their annual utility costs through efficiency initiatives spurred by...

March 19,2014

Structures built to green standards have added resilience to destructive storms because green buildings are often constructed with stronger, more...

March 19,2014

With developers in Santa Monica, Calif., looking for ways to build green more inexpensively, the city may consider alternatives to LEED such as...

March 13,2014

The Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Policy Alliance has launched a campaign to make the claim that LEED-certified buildings are less energy...

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
March 05,2014

It provides information to assist with the proper specification and use of pressure-treated Southern Pine materials. 

March 05,2014

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Inc. reached an agreement with PRI Construction Materials Technologies LLC (PRI) through which PRI will participate...

Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building. Photo: V. Smoothe via Wikimedia Commons
February 28,2014

The Green Building Initiative has released “The Guiding Principles Compliance for New Construction,” for federal buildings to help federal...