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April 04,2014

The district’s intent to use natural features to absorb stormwater reflects an urban trend that other cities including Philadelphia and Detroit...

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March 30,2014

Solar panels may soon be installed on the face of Big Ben in London as part of the U.K.'s initiatives to reach its greenhouse gas emissions...

March 26,2014

The Environmental Protection Agency recently unveiled a rule designed to define more clearly which waterways are covered by the Clean Water Act...

March 26,2014
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) cautioned that President Obama’s directive to the U.S. Department of Labor to change federal overtime rules...
March 13,2014

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is requiring those who submit comments on the silica rule to disclose their funding sources for...

Image: EPA
March 13,2014

The Environmental Protection Agency published a new rule this month that will require the construction, housing, and utility sectors to carry out...

March 04,2014

After a recent successful challenge of the scientific methodology used to redraw the coastal high-hazard zones, the Massachusetts congressional...

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February 28,2014

Metcalf spent more than $76 million on a military construction project and sued to recoup costs.

February 19,2014

The Obama Administration wants to boost fuel efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks for models made in 2019 and later.

Kneiphof; Wikimedia Commons
February 19,2014

OSHA’s proposal to postpone the compliance date for crane operator certification by three years was made official on Feb. 7 when it was published...