Most Recent in News Legislation

May 25,2012

Some long-delayed projects in the Upper Kobuk region of Alaska may now move forward thanks to legislation that allows construction in areas that...

April 26,2012

In the wake of the recent scandal at the General Services Administration in which workers spent lavishly at a Las Vegas conference, a spokesman...

April 19,2012

A fight is brewing in the Michigan legislature over how many fully qualified electricians must be present during electrical work when apprentices...

April 13,2012

Though Congress passed a defense budget preventing the Department of Defense from spending money to achieve LEED gold or platinum certification,...

March 01,2012

A bill in the California Assembly would allow the state to pool together property owners’ energy-retrofit loans.

February 23,2012

A plan to build the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Kansas is among several major building projects in jeopardy after the Obama...

February 23,2012

The federal government is especially focused on renting LEED-certified spaces.

February 23,2012

The New York Port Authority and the city’s fire and building departments are investigating an accident at the World Trade Center construction site...

February 23,2012

After March 1, all building plans in Virginia must adhere to the 2009 code that was adopted a year ago.

February 17,2012

Ensure that small business goals take into consideration actual small business capacity in relevant specialty markets.