Most Recent in News Legislation

December 27,2013

The mega development includes 7,800 homes, a retail center, office space, and nearly 350 acres of open space.

December 26,2013

Cloud-based building automation tools and product disclosure declarations are among the green building mega-trends identified by industry...

December 19,2013

New York City may boost maintenance standards for cranes operating in the city, including the addition of load cycle counters to record data...

December 11,2013

Legislation is under review in the Province of Ontario that would mandate timely payments to contractors.

December 11,2013

The Design-Build Efficiency and Jobs Act, a bill pending in the U.S. House of Representatives, would streamline the bid and proposal process by...

December 04,2013

The Philadelphia City Council has held a series of hearings on a bill aimed at boosting the city's safety regulations in the wake of a deadly...

December 04,2013

In 2009, more legislation authorizing design-build project delivery passed than in any year in Design Build Institute of America’s history.

December 03,2013

Current federal contracting laws are discouraging talented architects from competing for federal contracts, depriving government and, by inference...

November 27,2013

Two Ohio state senators have introduced legislation that seeks to ban the use of LEED in public construction.

November 20,2013

Legislation that would require safety training for construction workers on public projects in New York City has been introduced to the City...