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The Keystone XL Pipeline is a proposed 1,179 mile (1,897 km), 36-inch-diameter c
May 22,2014

The legislation focused on energy efficiency standards such as water heaters with smart meters and cheaper heating and cooling systems for office...

Photo: Jacopo Werther via Wikimedia Commons
May 13,2014

The industry associations, with more than 700,000 members generating almost $1 trillion in GDP, have issued a joint statement on resilience,...

Photo: US Army via Wikimedia Commons
April 30,2014

The Army would see the sharpest cuts on a percentage basis, with a $578 million, or 52% reduction in FY 2015.

April 23,2014

Under the recently revised Assembly Bill 1897, employers would have to pay wages, taxes, and workers compensation on behalf of a subcontractor’s...

April 23,2014

The Obama Administration has proposed $1.7 billion for construction, renovation, and repairs to federal buildings in fiscal year 2015 under the...

Ohio state Senate chambers. Photo: Wikipedia
March 19,2014

The resolution specifically mentions LEED v4, and calls for the U.S. Green Building Council to conform to ANSI. 

Rendering: Michael Green Architecture
March 18,2014

The wood lobby is pushing Canadian provinces to pass “wood first” legislation specifying wood framed structures as the default for mid-rise public...

March 06,2014

This opposition comes in response to reports that the oil and gas lobby pushed to include a repeal of Section 433 of the Energy Independence and...

Photo: NASA/USGS via Wikimedia Commons
March 05,2014

President Barack Obama would spend $1 billion to “better understand the projected impacts of climate change,” encourage local action to reduce...

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March 03,2014

Construction contractors and developers in New York state face $3 billion more in costs and 667 more accidents per year because of a state law...