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Invasive probes, including test cuts of existing EIFS cladding, can uncover hidd
on October 14,2014 in Feature

This AIA CES Discovery course discusses the six elements of an EIFS wall assembly; common EIFS failures and how to prevent them; and EIFS and...

To true the wall surface, the installer should level the insulation board, rathe
on March 20,2014 in Feature

Poor workmanship, impact damage, building movement, and incompatible or unsound substrate are among the major culprits of EIFS problems. 

Image courtesy Hoffmann Architects
on March 04,2014 in Feature

Design experts from Hoffmann Architects offer a brief history of exterior insulation and finish systems in the U.S.

on April 16,2013 in Feature

From an orchid-shaped visitor center to California’s largest public works project, each of these projects benefited from IMP technology.

on July 13,2012 in Feature

Insulation, ceiling panels, sunshades.

Fort Knox’s energy consumption analysis of all Disney Barracks complex facilitie
on June 28,2012 in Feature

U.S. Army Fort Knox: Using the Earth for space heating and cooling. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP...

on March 02,2012 in Product Review

Highly resistant to soiling and tough stains, such as mustard, ink, and iodine, the wall cover can be cleaned using bleach or rubbing alcohol,...

on May 19,2011 in Product Review

The focus of Maple Heights (Ohio) City School District’s sustainability initiative was to reduce operational costs by saving energy, so the...

on May 19,2011 in Product Review

Sustainable insulation from CertainTeed provides thermal and acoustical insulation for new construction, reconstruction, or re-insulation projects...

on April 12,2011 in Feature

New uses for spray polyurethane foam enable Building Teams to achieve greater longevity and sustainability in their projects.