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Serving a population of more than 7,000 students, the center’s mission is to eng
February 14,2012


Designed by SmithGroup, the JJR_Center for Human Performance offers enhanced fitness options, dynamic gathering space.
February 14,2012

SAIC’s services will include a broad variety of new construction projects and maintenance and repair projects

February 14,2012

Al Hashimi is joining the company to help expand Thornton Tomasetti’s business in the region and support clients locally.

February 13,2012

Located in the Simon Building, which serves as the main entrance leading into the Morristown Memorial Hospital campus, the project comprises three...

February 10,2012

Answers address transition issues, how to obtain similar load-carrying capabilities, and why only some grades and sizes are affected at this time...

February 08,2012

The solar array is at the elevation of 737 feet, making the building the tallest in the world with a solar PV-installation on its roof.

February 06,2012

EYP Architecture & Engineering is architect for the $35 million National Archives Administration project.

February 06,2012

Siemens support is earmarked for the school’s Fire Protection Engineering Lab, a facility that has been forwarding engineering and other advanced...

February 02,2012

Located on a 12 acre site in the Sandhills region, the 2.4 megawatt (MW) system is expected to generate approximately 3.5 million kilowatt hours (...

February 01,2012

The two buildings add 208,000 square feet of collaborative research space to the campus.