Latest in Energy Efficient Roofing

on September 07,2012 in Feature

As PVs grow in popularity, nearly half of all installations require roof rack systems. Our expert tells how to do the job right and protect your...

The four-inch-thick Metl-Span insulated roof panels are finished in Cool Forest
on May 31,2012 in Feature

Metal roofing systems offer values such as longevity, favorable life cycle costs, and heightened aesthetic appeal.

The MBCI NuRoof Retrofit Roof System was installed over the existing roof’s fram
on May 21,2012 in Feature

Metal Roof Consultants attended a school board meeting and presented a sloped metal retrofit roof as an alternative to tearing off the existing...

Tyler Junior College wanted a roofing system that wouldn’t need any attention fo
on December 14,2011 in Feature

Tyler Junior College wanted a roofing system that wouldn’t need any attention for a long time.

on April 18,2011 in Product Review

When Providence (R.I.) College expanded its Slavin Center, the school asked architects Symmes Maini & McKee Associates to incorporate...

on April 14,2011 in Product Review

A 3,500-sf, football-shaped copper roof is a highlight of the Kansas City Chiefs’ new training facility in Missouri.

on February 18,2011 in Product Review

The C.T. Terrell Prison near Houston was retrofitted with a 238T roofing system by Architectural Building Components. The new roof consists of 181...

on February 14,2011 in Feature

According to sustainability experts, the first step toward designing an energy-efficient roofing system is to see roof materials and systems as an...

on January 07,2011 in Feature

A roofing survey emailed to a representative sample of BD+C’s subscriber list revealed such key findings as: Respondents named metal (56%)...

Firestone Building Products
on December 20,2010 in Product Review

The SkyScape vegetated roof system consists of double interlocking trays in modular or multi-layer options. Each system features a protective root...