Latest in Dayligthing Technology

on March 20,2013 in Feature

Single-glazed storefronts in the student center at California’s West Valley College were replaced with aluminum-framed, thermally broken windows...

5 factors to consider when designing a shade system
on February 08,2013 in Feature

Designing a shade system is more complex than picking out basic white venetian blinds. Here are five elements to consider when designing an...

Building Teams should help owners explore the length of payback period versus be
on March 01,2012 in Feature

Lighting experts offer Building Team members critical information to consider before upgrading lighting systems to LEDs.

Chapman Construction/Design, based in Newton, Mass., takes pride in its close-kn
on January 31,2012 in Feature

Chapman Construction/Design builds a working culture around sustainability—for its clients, and for its employees.

Great Solutions BD+C December 2011
on December 10,2011 in Feature

The editors of Building Design+Construction present 10 “Great Solutions” that highlight innovative technology and products that can be used to...

on January 12,2011 in Product Review

The new campus building for Reykjavik University in Iceland’s capital benefits from a Zumtobel Luxmate daylight sensor system specially...

on January 12,2011 in Product Review

NanaGlass SL25 is a frameless opening glass wall system for balconies, patios, and decks in multifamily buildings.

on January 09,2011 in Product Review

The Solar Powered Dimmer, made to work with 10-inch tubular skylights, uses a remote control to adjust the amount of sunlight allowed into the...

on January 09,2011 in Product Review

An office building at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., suffered from indoor temperatures as high as 90°F due to direct sun exposure. To...

on December 20,2010 in Product Review

New aLuminate light shelves help buildings earn LEED points by increasing the effect of natural light and decreasing the need for artificial...