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October 31,2013

Green-building and accessibility are the major themes of the 2013 updates to California’s construction codes that are set to take effect Jan. 1....

October 31,2013

The proposed new code will increase the mandatory installation of occupancy sensors and daylighting controls to many new types of spaces.

October 25,2013

In California, there are still hundreds of concrete buildings that need reinforcement to bring them up to the new seismic code.

October 18,2013

With countries not tackling climate change aggressively, cities are in the best position to drive increased sustainability.

U40 Summit participants gathered for a group photo at the conclusion of the Visi
October 15,2013

Sixty-five up-and-coming AEC stars presented their big ideas for solving pressing social, economic, technical, and cultural problems related to...

October 03,2013

Many large construction projects in Arizona are going green by paying attention to energy efficiency, but smaller buildings that are often rented...

September 26,2013

The newly revised ConsensusDocs standard subcontract (ConsensusDocs 752 for federal work) will make it easier for general contractors and...

September 11,2013

Since 2000, at least three individuals have died as a result of falling from the upper decks of stadiums in the United States. In addition, eight...

September 11,2013

The healthcare industry has experienced great attention from The Joint Commission concerning fire and life safety issues.

September 11,2013

San Francisco is poised to drop a requirement that skyscrapers have refill stations so firefighters can recharge their air tanks during a blaze....