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February 17,2012

Unions have learned to help employers win contracts with bids made competitive through good safety practices.

February 15,2012

Specifying air curtains as energy-saving, cost-cutting alternatives to vestibules in 3,000-square-foot buildings and larger has been a recent...

February 09,2012

Easier to design roof cladding that can withstand winds in a given area. 

February 09,2012

This case study will focus on strategies used to save the client money, achieve certification, and effectively market success once the project was...

February 09,2012

Much of that growth will be in the European Union, where near-zero energy buildings are mandated by 2019 for public buildings, and by 2021 for all...

January 30,2012

These developments demonstrate the dynamic nature of the market and the continued need for development of program standards of many different...

January 30,2012

Contractors will need to be on the lookout for policies such as the Contractor Accountability for Quality clause.

January 26,2012

The idea is to use an earthquake "fuse" that can prevent the tiny fractures and warps that make structures unsafe after a quake and very expensive...

January 05,2012

GreenStep Cities, a Minnesota initiative, was designed to provide greater recognition to the state's communities for achievements in meeting...

On average, green schools save about $100,000 a year on operating costs, includi
December 15,2011

On average, green schools save about $100,000 a year on operating costs, including energy and water savings.