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June 28,2012

Italian officials are questioning seismic building standards and inspection procedures in the aftermath of two damaging earthquakes.

June 21,2012

Since last summer, glass balconies have shattered at 13 different buildings in Toronto.

June 21,2012

California is the first state to add window film into its building code. Window film, a polymer material, offers cost-effective energy savings.

May 25,2012

A developer wants to build a commercial development out of steel shipping containers in Las Vegas, but city codes would have to be altered or the...

May 10,2012

Environmental sensitivity is helping to drive adoption of new fire suppression agents.

May 03,2012

Keep abreast of market trends such as 2012 changes to green standards and codes at the AGC Contractors Environmental Conference, June 7-8, 2012 in...

April 19,2012

Aberdeen may become the first city in Washington to base a building code on rising oceans and global warming.

April 19,2012

This seminar will review recent changes in energy codes, examples of building enclosure wall assemblies for code compliance, potential moisture...

April 13,2012

This seminar will trace the origins of green codes, how they compare and differ from the rating systems that have been used, and examine some of...

April 05,2012

Florida ranks highest among 18 hurricane-region states for building codes and their enforcement, according to the Insurance Institute for Business...