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The building’s design was made possible by Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program th
October 24,2014

The Bullitt Center in Seattle, which some say is the world's most efficient office building is not only influencing how other structures are built...

Photo: Don McCullough via Wikimedia Commons
October 15,2014

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Labour announced that they will start using drones to help inspectors record when construction sites are...

Photo: Dcoetzee via Wikimedia Commons
October 02,2014

The California Energy Commission launched the upgrade process to Title 24, the state energy code, last month.

Photo: Oikos-team via Wikimedia Commons
October 02,2014

The Urban Land Institute held brainstorming sessions over the last several months involving more than 70 engineers, architects, and development...

Image: Thomas Pintaric via Wikimedia Commons
October 02,2014

Los Angeles reversed course last month on a regulation that had barred skyscrapers from having slanted roofs or spires.

September 23,2014

The report contains 12 case studies of cities around the world that have applied advanced flood management techniques. 

Midtown from Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Mark Jaroski. Licensed under Creative Commo
September 10,2014

Earlier this year, New York City's Department of Buildings began auditing thousands of architectural plans for new and renovated office and...

Photo: digidreamgrafix via
September 02,2014

A key change is a requirement that buildings over 75 feet tall have sprinkler systems throughout the structure. Existing buildings would have 12...

August 14,2014

The county board of supervisors voted unanimously to opt out of the state building code.