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The Kennedy-Warren Apartment Building in Washington, D.C. Photo: Wikimedia Commo
October 16,2014

The least energy efficient multifamily property may be spending $165,000 more in annual energy costs than a similar property operating the most...

Byron G. Rogers U.S. Courthouse, Denver. Photo: courtesy GSA
October 16,2014

LEED Silver may be used, and in some instances, the Green Globes program may be substituted, according to a new regulation by the U.S. Department...

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons
October 16,2014

New York City’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 includes tripling the amount of solar power generated from city-owned...

Photo: Don McCullough via Wikimedia Commons
October 15,2014

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Labour announced that they will start using drones to help inspectors record when construction sites are...

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
October 09,2014

Under the updated law, the Department of General Services and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation may use design-build on projects in...

Rendering: NYC Department of City Planning
October 09,2014

Part of the city’s response to widespread flooding as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the manual offers retrofitting strategies that will enable...

Rendering: Panoramic Interests
October 09,2014

The Seattle City Council passed new rules that new studio apartments in the city must measure at least 220 sf and contain at least two sinks.

Rendering: Waggonner & Ball Architects
October 09,2014

Cities around the world are crafting stormwater management policies that include natural and manmade methods to store and absorb runoff to reduce...

October 02,2014

Fannie Mae’s new report on energy usage in the multifamily sector found that affordable properties use 28% less energy per unit and are 29%...

Photo: Dcoetzee via Wikimedia Commons
October 02,2014

The California Energy Commission launched the upgrade process to Title 24, the state energy code, last month.