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View of Berkeley and Bay from Claremont Canyon. Photo: Urban via Wikimedia Commo
June 04,2014

Volunteers in Berkeley, Calif., are collecting signatures for the “Green Downtown & Public Commons Initiative,” a controversial measure that...

Photo: Paul Sableman via Wikimedia Commons
June 02,2014

The Green Parking Council, an affiliate of the International Parking Institute, has launched the Green Garage Certification program, the parking...

Photo: Larsinio via Wikimedia Commons
May 28,2014

For some building owners, a new measurement standard could mean that their building would shrink in size and lose value.

Tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Photo: Thilo Parg via Wikimedia Commons; Lice
May 28,2014

Architect Butch Grimes, who examined the wreckage after a half-mile tornado struck Tuscaloosa, Ala., believes toughening building codes can reduce...

Photo: Branko Radovanović via Wikimedia Commons
May 28,2014

New York City developers are using rooftop wind turbines in an effort to attract buyers by highlighting a building’s green credentials.

CBRE's global headquarters in Los Angeles is the world's first WELL-certified co
May 28,2014

The standard is the first protocol of its kind that focuses on improving human wellness within the built environment by identifying specific...

Photo: Fleshas via Wikimedia Commons
May 22,2014
The publication provides guidelines on interface requirements between chilled-water systems and technology cooling systems and on the...
May 22,2014

The Niobrara Data Center Energy Park project in Colorado will be the first data center to be fully self-contained with its own self-generated...

UT Dallas 74,000-sf Student Services Building, the first academic structure in T
May 22,2014

Preliminary DOE analysis shows that the ASHRAE/IES’s 2013 energy efficiency standard contains energy savings over the 2010 standard of 8.5% source...

Photo: Christopher Mardorf / FEMA
May 22,2014

Federal disaster policy should shift its focus toward mitigation in order to reduce future disaster costs, the National Association of Mutual...