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August 14,2014

Some local small contractors are not pleased with the school board’s CM-at-Risk policy that was instituted in 2007. The county’s board of...

August 14,2014

CDC supports OSHA’s analysis suggesting that the primary risk factor for heat fatalities is the lack of acclimatization programs.

August 08,2014

California reinstituted an ambitious plan to study dangerous earthquake faults and create zoning maps that could restrict development.

The issue came to the fore during a discussion of preliminary plans for the plan
August 06,2014

Loudoun County, Va., supervisors may do away with a county policy that requires LEED Silver certification on new county buildings.

Rendering: Epstein
August 06,2014

The Illinois Medical District Commission approved a 1.16 million-sf, $300 million mixed-use project in Chicago’s Illinois Medical District.

In May, Facebook broke ground on an expansion to its data center campus in Luleå
August 04,2014

Less than a year after opening its ultra-green, hydropowered data center facility in Luleå, Sweden, Facebook is back at it in Mother Svea with yet...

Photo: USGBC
July 31,2014

The LEED Dynamic Plaque could aid certified buildings in maintaining performance with up-to-date information about water and energy use, waste...

Photo: Findoutwhy via Wikimedia Commons
July 31,2014

The Gypsum Association released updates to both GA-221 Repair of Joint Ridging and GA-222 Repairing Screw or Nail Pops ...

Photo: Shinkuken via Wikimedia Commons
July 31,2014

The City Council of Cambridge, Mass., approved the Building Energy Usage and Disclosure Ordinance (BEUDO) that requires benchmarking and...