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September 14,2011


During his 30-plus years of experience, Poon has been responsible for the design and construction of super high-rise structures,...

September 12,2011

This is the first project of a master plan developed to revive the historic racetrack. 

September 12,2011

The new branch provides the company’s international clients with additional support and services.

September 09,2011

The buildings use at least 25% less energy than the strictest building codes in the U.S., and as much as 80% less energy in certain parts of the...

September 09,2011

He will lead the Ryan team responsible for building and developing data centers and other mission-critical projects, and will oversee business...

September 07,2011

The project was one of three to win the award in the category of Architectural/Non-Residential. 

September 06,2011

The 108 floor mixed-use skyscraper consists of offices, apartments, hotels and shopping malls on the lower floors.

May 25,2011

Manhattan developers are planning the city's biggest decade of office construction since the 1980s, betting on rising demand for modern space...

May 17,2011

Suggestions are being made that Washington revise its restrictions on building heights. Architect Roger Lewis, who raised the topic in the...