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on July 08,2013 in Feature

Construction market analysts from RSMeans offer construction costs per square foot for hotels, motels, and apartment buildings. 

on June 28,2013 in Feature

A researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory calls building enclosure commissioning “the single-most cost-effective strategy for reducing...

on June 28,2013 in Feature

Historic window experts from Hoffmann Architects look back at the origin of windows in the U.S.

The Georgia Tech Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory was the lone Platinu
on June 12,2013 in Feature

The winners of the 2013 Building Team Awards show that great buildings cannot be built without the successful collaboration of the Building Team....

The tower at the Vernon S. Broyles Leadership Center unifies a new addition (lef
on June 12,2013 in Feature

A renovation/addition project at Columbia Theological Seminary unites a historic residence hall with a modern classroom facility.

Vertical elements and orange brick on the Old Town School’s new East Building ev
on June 11,2013 in Feature

A LEED Gold project enhances a busy Chicago neighborhood, meeting ambitious criteria for acoustical design and adaptability.

The Wabash Building (blue) is a modern response to Roosevelt University’s needs
on June 11,2013 in Feature

Roosevelt University builds a 32-story tower to satisfy students’ needs for housing, instruction, and recreation.

Georgia Tech’s Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory was built on a compact
on June 11,2013 in Feature

Building Team cooperation and expertise help Georgia Tech create a LEED Platinum building for energy science.

on June 07,2013 in Feature

Every month we’ll be catching up with past 40 Under 40 honorees to see what they’ve been up to since winning the award. This month we focus on a...

on May 28,2013 in Feature

LED lighting technology provides unique advantages, but it’s also important to understand its limitations for optimized application.