5 trends that will shape the future of scientific labs

 Image © Gensler

Scientific research is increasingly focusing on data collection and analytical analysis of that data, meaning the "lab...
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Metal Roof Retrofits: the potential, the problems, the payoff, part 1
Ken Buchinger
For the best possible outcomes when working on metal roof retrofits, consider some simple but vital steps to get the...
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Bright green coating helps Geometrica domes withstand harsh Andean climate
Jeff Alexander
The vibrant color was selected to allow the domes to stand out, even with significant snow cover in the Andean...
4 ways convention centers are revamping for the 21st century

The Raleigh (N.C.) Convention Center was designed and built with wireless infrastructure to support tech-heavy events. Image: Skanska

Constructive Thinking Blog
Today's convention centers require more flexible spaces, the ability to blend virtual and in-person events, and...
3 steps for sustainable landscape architecture

Image: LPA

LPA Blog LPA Blog
A water-conscious, sustainable landscape is easily achievable, and the options for native and drought tolerant plants...
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How to earn respect as a leader
Steven Burns
Employees will give you minimum effort if the only reason they respect you is for your authority
From bricks to bits: How tech firms use real estate for competitive advantage

Open offices with collaborative space is a growing trend. Image: Paladino

Abundance: The Paladino Blog
The tech sector is the top industry leasing office space in the U.S., accounting for 20% of major leasing activity in...
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Metal building products deliver endless design freedom and sustainability

Innovative solar reflective coatings cut building cooling costs when applied to wall panels, roofs, and extrusions. 

Jeff Alexander
Numerous metal building products contain recycled content, reducing the need to mine new materials and saving space in...
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What’s in a coating, and why does it matter?

Colofrul buildings in Tirana, Albania. 

Jeff Alexander
When the sun starts swinging punches at your building's coating, chalking and fading will start. But there's a way to...
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How architects can tap into the expertise of their metal roof manufacturer, part 4
Ken Buchinger
Let’s look at the importance of enforcing the detailed specifications the roof manufacturer provides.
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