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Wood, natural materials, building materials, interiors

A Canadian study showed that wood in interiors was perceived by a majority of subjects as more “warm,” “inviting,” “homey,” and “relaxing” than all other tested materials.

Dana Ohler
The preference for nature has a name: biophilia, which literally means “love of life.” 
Finally! There's a workplace trend that’s worth embracing

The intersection of people, place, and tools is where we find success. Discover that intersection and design to criteria support all three. Diagram: VOA Associates

VOA Blog
There’s a realization by corporate real estate executives that in order to create a successful workplace, there must be...
Maker spaces: Designing places to test, break, and rebuild

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Phase 1 completion August 2015. Rendering: Gensler

Gensler's Kenneth Fisher and Keller Roughton highlight recent maker space projects at MIT and the University of...
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Fluropon celebrates 50 years of excellence

The JW Marriott in Austin, Texas, uses the Fluropon coating system.

Jeff Alexander
Introduced in 1965, the coating system was designed for excellent color retention and resistance to fading.
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Green, construction, metal building products, life cycle assessment

To make the assessment, the resources used and the wastes generated are calculated, mass-balanced, and normalized relative to a specific quantity called a functional unit.

Brad Johnson
LCA is a way of quantifying the environmental impact generated by the manufacture and delivery of a product.
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Charlotte’s Mosaic Village merges jazz and architecture

They exterior was coated with Valspar's 70% PVDF Fluropon coating in Cool Breakwater Blue and Silversmith. Photos courtesy of Valspar.

Jeff Alexander
The 124,000-sf mixed-use project contains 80 apartments, accommodating 300 students with numerous amenities
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According to research by talent management firm Development Dimensions International, 89% of leaders with strong interaction skills have more engaged teams. Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg/Flickr

Steven Burns
Much of what’s written about employee engagement focuses on how leaders can help their employees become more involved...
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Metal Roof Retrofits: The Potential, The Problems, The Payoff
Ken Buchinger
During metal roof retrofits, look for moisture and check for asbestos
Why AEC firms should be cultivating 'visible experts'

Photo: Cydcor via flickr creative commons

David Barista
A new study pinpoints the true dollar value of having knowledge leaders and market shapers on your team.
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