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Sasha Reed
Having the right counsel on your team can be the difference between long drawn-out negotiations and breaking new ground...
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Bring a project to life with color
Jeff Alexander
The use of color in a building can influence the desired response.
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Understanding the values and aspirations of millennials

Only 28 percent of millennials believe that their organization is taking full advantage of their skills, research from Deloitte revealed.

Steven Burns
A recent LinkedIn workplace survey revealed that millennials (defined as individuals aged 18–24) are quite different...
Good design can combat open-office issues

Photo: GS&P-designed Jackson Development Zone in East Lansing, Michigan, courtesy GS&P

GS&P Dialogue
Three tricks to maintain privacy and worker production in a cube-less world, according to GS&P's Jack E. Weber 
5 brand-building strategies in the outpatient environment

Image: University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center, courtesy CannonDesign

Cannon Design Blog
No longer coasting off of reputation, leading organizations are using new ambulatory care centers to re-brand for the...

Image: Steelcase Ology, courtesy VOA Associates

VOA Blog
Sit-to-stand work surfaces were all the rage this year, according to VOA Associates' Lauren Andrysiak.

Image: Ryan Gobuty, courtesy GenslerOn

Flip the Clinic is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project invented to transform the patient-clinician experience. In...
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Bill O'Keeffe
Tempered glass is an excellent choice for large expanses of glass that maximize clear views while providing significant...
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Mosaic of desert tones converges on ASU Campus
Jeff Alexander
The campus building serves as a striking addition to downtown Phoenix
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How to improve project planning
Steven Burns
A recent research project revealed that more than 75 percent of project owners have no consistent method for assessing...
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