Roof Air Leakage Issue in NYC Multifamily Buildings Isn’t Just “Hot Air” Talk

The opportunity for impact is abundant for New York City’s many rooftops. Image: Paladino

Abundance: The Paladino Blog
Paladino's Robert Hayes talks about venting regulations in New York and how air leaks can cost residents upwards of $3,...
The Competitive Advantage of Urban Institutions

UNLV Campus master plan. Rendering: SmithGroupJJR

SmithGroupJJR's Perspectives blog
In the coming years, urban colleges and universities will outperform their non-urban peers, bolstered by the 77 million...
Out of the Shadows: Designing for Behavioral Health

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Cafe. Image: Shau Lin Hon

Gensler's Jamie Huffcut discusses mental health in the U.S. and how design can affect behavioral health.
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Why it’s so hard to figure out what to pay top talent
Steven Burns
Is your firm’s approach to compensation effective in today’s rapidly changing talent market?
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Make a statement by the sea

Photo: Chase Lindberg/Flickr

Jeff Alexander
With salt stray and intense summer sun, coastal coatings take a real beating. When selecting a coating in these harsh...
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The Inherent Sustainability of Steel

It’s worth noting that recycled materials are not difficult for steel-makers to acquire. Steel recycling is well established in North America, and has been for decades. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Allen Hurtz
The steel in a metal building system may contribute to points for Recycled Content under the USGBC’s Leadership in...
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Radiant Heat: The Invisible Killer

Since the 45 minute openings in this 1-hour exit corridor extend to all the way to the floor, the architects specified SuperLite II-XL 45, a fire resistive tempered product with hose stream that meets ASTM E-119.  SuperLite II-XL 45 effectively blocks smoke, flames and dangerous radiant heat to enable safe egress through the corridor. Photo courtesy of SaftiFirst.

Bill O'Keeffe
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s fire, there’s the deadly threat of radiant heat.
Q+A with Arthur Gensler, and advice from his new book

Image © Gensler

"Designers need to be trained to solve their clients’ problems through design while leading their own firms to become...
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Spring cleaning tips for modular space
Williams Scotsman
Modular structure manufacturer Williams Scotsman shares seven things to do to prep modular units for the spring.
Chance encounters and the ‘action’ office: Do collisions spark innovation?

Google is among a handful of tech giants to unveil plans for “action” offices. Rendering courtesy Google, BIG, Thomas Heatherwick

David Barista
Google, Facebook, Samsung, and Tencent have all unveiled plans for “action” offices designed to get their people moving...
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