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Drew Ballensky is general manager of Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.’s central U.S. facility in Iowa and company spokesman for Duro-Last’s cool roofing, sustainability and architectural education programs. He is past-president of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association and chairman of CFFA’s Vinyl Roofing Division. Drew earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial technology from the University of Northern Iowa and master’s degree in business administration from Florida State University. Drew has over 29 years experience in business and industry in various engineering and managerial capacities. He has worked in the U.S. and Canadian operations for a major international manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings, was a financial analyst with a major athletic apparel manufacturer and was an owner of a general contracting company.
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Voltaic Solaire retrofits old New York City building to city’s first net-zero structure

July 24, 2012

After a retrofit, a dilapidated 3,000 sf building in New York become the city’s first net-zero energy structure. Green developer Voltaic Solaire outfitted the building's facade with thin-film PVs and solar thermal tubes for hot water, and installed a roof awning with solar panels. The solar thermal tubes preheat water before it flows with gravity to point-of-use heaters that take it the next few degrees. That eliminates the need for a large boiler in the basement and extensive pumps to get water from the ground level to the fifth floor.

The company’s goal was to make the structure as efficient as possible, and it wasn’t sure that it could achieve net-zero. The building is set to open as a bed and breakfast.



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