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How do construction professionals use social media?

November 18, 2013

LinkedIn is the social network used by most construction professionals, according to the results of a newly released national survey conducted by the Construction Marketing Association. 

In the survey, 91.2% of respondents reported using LinkedIn, followed by Twitter (84.2%) and Facebook (82.5%). LinkedIn also was ranked as the most effective social media network for achieving marketing results, while Facebook was found to be the least effective.

Nearly all respondents (96.6%) use social media in their marketing program, a modest increase from the 90% who reported using social media in the 2012 survey.

The majority of respondents (92.7%) indicated that they manage social media internally, a slight increase from the 91.3% level reported on the 2012 survey.

Slightly less than half of respondents (47.4%) incorporate blogging as part of their social media marketing program, a sizeable increase from the 39% of respondents who reported blogging on the 2012 survey.

Increased awareness was chosen by 86% of respondents as the top result of participating in social media, a sharp increase from the 69% who reported that result on the 2012 survey. 

Construction professionals also indicate that social media marketing is increasingly generating tangible results, with only 7% of respondents reporting no results, compared to 17% on the 2012 survey.  

Respondents came from a variety of companies within the construction industry, including commercial construction (33%), construction services (18%), building products manufacturing (10.5%), equipment manufacturing (9%), consultant (7%), architectural/engineering (5%), distributor (3.5%), equipment retail (3.5%), and other (10.5%).

View more details about the Construction Marketing Association survey.


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