An advocate for the future of handwashing

December 06, 2012

The very first lavatory unit designed to provide a sink, soap, faucet, and dual-sided hand dryer in one high-tech unit is now available to building owners. Designed for commerical restrooms, the Advocate manufactured by the Bradley Corp, offers soap, water, and a hand dryer all within immediate reach.

Because all hand washing elements are close by, the user does not have to move from the station in search of soap, towels, or a hand dryer. In addition to user convenience and functionality, the design ensures that water goes down the drain—not on the floor or down the walls.

To wash hands with the system, users move their hands from left to right, beginning with a touchless soap dispenser, a touchless faucet, and finishing with a high-efficiency dual-sided hand dryer. In effect, the “all-in-one” design simplifies hand washing, while minimizing washroom cleaning and maintenance, and maximizing a safer restroom environment.

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