BD+C’s Progress Report on Sustainability 2004

August 11, 2010

BD+C’s Progress Report on Sustainability 2004

A year ago, we described sustainable development as “the most
vibrant and powerful force to impact the building design and
construction field in more than a decade.”

Nothing has happened since to diminish the validity of that
statement. If anything, the green building movement is moving at an
even faster pace than a year ago. Its impact on the design and
construction industry that we serve cannot be underestimated.

This Progress Report follows up on the recommendations made in
our 2003 White Paper; reviews the latest developments in the U.S.
Green Building Council’s “LEED” certification program; provides
exclusive data on our readers’ involvement in sustainability; examines
several key building types (notably education and healthcare
facilities) that are crucial to the market we serve; and analyzes key
trends and public-policy issues related to sustainable buildings.

The editors conclude this Progress Report with a new “Action Plan”
containing what we believe to be constructive recommendations for
advancing green building.

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